usandlew a posted May 24, 18

Hi Guys

Long time no see :P

We are having a bit of a shakeup at Kindred. I have changed a few of the channels in discord, to separate server chat from chat about anything else. It is afterall, meant to be a server discord. General chit chat like hi, how ya doing etc is fine in server chat.... but chat about other games, other game platforms hobbies etc, need to go in the general chat. 

The next thing i am doing is looking at homes and houses of players who have not logged in for over a month. Inactive homes will be cleared, and inactive player data will be cleared. The reason for this, is that the plugin we use to store information such as who break blocks, who places blocks, grief information etc is around 13GB alone, and is using up a major portion of storage space. Once i have done this, i can choose a lower server plan, making it cheaper for me to keep kindred open. 

Further changes MAY occur, such as removal of bungee system, reverting back to survival only server. Going to bungee was when we lost our bigger playing base. This is still only an option at this point. 

I hope we start seeing some players come back, or our community growing again. 



Emma_Boo209 a posted Dec 13, 17

Hope That you are all doing well! :D

----------[Extra Details]----------

Build MUST Be on The Server,


Cannot be someone else's build (schematic) unless you give the credit to them!

Or, Edit it and Add your own Twist. ^^

Enjoy & Have Fun~

Attention Please!

Emma_Boo209 a posted Nov 30, 17

Hey Guys! ^_^

As you all know, we've recently added a factions plugin,

There's been a few bugs, glitches etc we've been trying to fix. 

Tomorrow we will be working on getting it fixed properly, so please bare with us. :)

For The Time Being, if you have anything in your factions world inventory,


Also if Anything glitches, please report to staff

Or in the Discord #Help Channel!

Also, If you guys would like to help us out, make sure

EVERYONE that you've seen/heard participate in factions thus far

reads this post!

Thank you all. <3

Kindred souls long lost,

Captured and infused in all pieces of armor,

creating UNBREAKABLE protection for your body.

From the depths of darkness, all the items were forged,

crafted and created to protect YOU, our valuable citizens within the Kindred realm.

Now you can buy Kindred armor individually or as a set (at a discounted price.)

And as always, thankyou for supporting the server, the staff.

You are an amazing community!

Our new Information peice

usandlew a posted Nov 9, 17

We are an RPG community based on vampires, werewolves, hunters and mortals. 

When you join our world, you are mortal. Whether you stay mortal or not, is up to you. 

Will you dare to walk towards an alter of the dark? By giving the alter of the dark an offering, you can bring on the dark disease, the transitional phase before you become a vampire. You might be in the wrong place at the wrong time (or right place/time depends on how you look at it), when someone of the dark community offers you their blood. Will you accept? Unlike those tv shows and movies, there is no magic potion to remove the effects of daylight.

Maybe you will meet once of the wolf clans during a full moon. One bite and you will feel yourself howling before you know it.

Maybe you will choose to stay mortal, and become a hunter. You will arm yourself with wooden stakes, seeking to kill those who walk the night. Dont forget they are much faster and stronger than you, but Holy Water slows them down, making it easier to kill them. Maybe you will hunt the wolves, arming yourself with a silver sword, taking their head for your trophy cabinet. 

Whether you are mortal, a vampire hunter, werewolf or one of the night, you can join with your friends in creating a guild. Become King, appoint your advisers and work together to create a kingdom. Create allies, set enemies, support each other by storing resources in the vault. 

Maybe you find a partner to share your minecraft journey. Find a priest and marry your partner to unlock an extra home, ability to tp to your partner. 

For those who like to immerse themselves in the day to day activities, we also have slimefun, Jobs and MCMMO, economy (shops) and a newly built games world, with mazes, droppers and a mini mob-arena. 

Come join us.... 

"The moon is my sun, the night is my day. Blood is my life, and YOU are my prey"

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